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Jerusalem lies at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but is often omitted from public debate. Ir Amim’s campaigns raise awareness of East Jerusalem tours, Jerusalem Day events and crises in the city; revitalize the debate about Jerusalem and its future.


The Four Questions in Jerusalem
Human Rights March

Ir-Amim in the 2012 Human Rights March 

Netanyahu’s Government is Destroying Two States with E1
A video clip explaining how construction in E1 prevents territorial contiguity in the West Bank and impedes progress towards a two-state solution.
Construction in E-1 and its Ramifications

E-1 is not just another settlement. If there is one place that can singlehandedly put an end to the two-state solution, E-1 is it.

2012 Sukkot Tours
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Jerusalem Day 2012
On Jerusalem Day people talk about Jerusalem in Jerusalem.
They all say they will never give up Jerusalem.
But this is not what a city that hasn’t been given up on looks like.
This Jerusalem Day we will cast aside slogans and clichés, look reality straight in the eye and find new solutions for a better future in this city. 
2012 Passover Tours
What is Israel’s Plan for East Jerusalem?

In light of a substantial rise in new construction plans for East Jerusalem – What is Israel’s plan? Is it to rely on Israeli public indifference? Or perhaps on the international community turning a blind eye? Or maybe on Palestinian desperate submission?

Stop Selling Our Country

Demonstrating against privatization of national parks

Sukkot Campaign

Coffee in Silwan?
Pilates in Issawiyya?
Shopping in Sheikh Jarrah?
If these neighborhoods are not on your radar, they must not be part of our capital.
Ir-Amim invites you on a study tour of Jerusalem, to understand daily life in the city within its political context.

Archeology Ruins
Is archeology used to obscure history instead of illuminating it?
Is Israel digging up antiques in order to cover up reality?
Ir-Amim invites you on an archeological tour of Silwan/ City of David to find out about archeology’s function in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how it became a tool in the struggle over Jerusalem.
Excuse me, How do I Get to Umm Tuba?

As the municipal elections draw upon us, Ir-Amim invites Jerusalemites and Israelis to visit the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, to meet with their residents and learn what life five minutes away from downtown Jerusalem is really like. 

The Day after Jerusalem Day

41 years following Jerusalem’s “unification” 78% of Israel’s citizens still hold that Jerusalem is de facto divided.
While the government persists in acting unilaterally in Jerusalem, 65% of the public supports a political resolution of the Jerusalem issue. 

Which Jerusalem Do You See?
Does the Jerusalem we know depend on the TV channel we watch?
How is Jerusalem portrayed in Israeli, Arab and international media?
Debate in the Mishkenot Sha'ananim Auditorium. 
Finding it Difficult to Resolve the Jerusalem Issue?