Over-Policing in Issawiya

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July 24, 2019
Since Ir Amim first reported on the events in Al-Issawiya on July 1 [see below], the situation has deteriorated, and tensions have escalated to a near state of emergency. Hostile police raids accompanied by forcible home entries, restrictions on movement, and use of excessive force, including live ammunition, have continued unabated for nearly six weeks, effectively imposing a perpetual state of collective punishment on the entire neighborhood.  

Daily life has continued to be disrupted while resident’s basic rights infringed upon. There is growing concern that the ongoing hostilities are liable to claim more lives.

These actions signal an alarming trend in Israel’s treatment and policy towards specific East Jerusalem neighborhoods and likewise serve to further provoke and inflame area residents. 

An immediate cessation of these measures must be invoked in order to restore calm and order to Al-Issawiya. 


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