Advancements Along 'Settlement Ring' Around Old City

Over the past month, there have been several developments in touristic settlement projects at key points along the eastern side and southern edge of the intensifying ring of settlement activity around the Old City Basin:
June 3: National Infrastructures Committee Approves Cable Car (#31 on map)

On June 3, the National Infrastructures Committee (NIC) approved the plan (TTL. 86) for the controversial cable car which will run from the refurbished Ottoman-era train station complex ("The First Station") in West Jerusalem to the roof of the planned Kedem Compound in Silwan, a massive visitor center and future Elad headquarters. In May 2018, the government approved 200 million shekels to build the cable car; the plan has since been fast tracked through the NIC, circumventing the traditional planning process in an attempt to stifle public objections. Represented by authorities as a public transportation project to facilitate access to the Western Wall and Old City, the cable car will channel thousands of people a day over an invisible Green Line to the epicenter of Elad’s touristic settlement operations and divert unwitting tourists from the traditional Old City entry points via Jaffa and Damascus Gates, depriving Palestinian businesses from one of their main sources of income.
June 2: New Site for Temple Mount Sifting Project (see yellow star on map)

Inaugurated at northern edge of A-TurOn June more

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