Implications of the US Peace Plan on the Future of Jerusalem

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January 29, 2020Yesterday, the long anticipated US Peace Plan was formally released and underscored the myriad of concerns associated with it. The plan includes neither an element of negotiation nor an agreement between two parties and therefore cannot be considered a peace plan. The stark congruence between the plan and the settler rightwing agenda indicates the vast gap between the plan and a fair and viable solution which recognizes the demands and rights of both Israelis and Palestinians alike. Even if the plan pays lip service to a configuration of a two-state solution, the conditions stipulated render it no less than futile and unviable. In Jerusalem in particular, where two peoples share a common urban space with immense historical, political and religious significance for both sides, unilateral moves that do not take into account the mutual physical and symbolic attachments to the city, will only generate more conflict and hostility and ultimately jeopardize an agreed resolution. 
Below are referenced key points in the US Peace Plan concerning Jerusalem and their projected impact on the city's future. Regardless of its viability, the plan’s content underpins the notion that an advanced understanding has been reached between the Israeli government and the Trump more
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