Jerusalem Moments year 2010

Uncle Shlomo’s Jerusalem

Every morning Shlomo Wallach gets on his motorbike and goes back in time to a Jerusalem of the past, a Jerusalem of which he was never a part. The film accompanies Shlomo in his resolve to live in the past, and his attempts to revive the grand memories of his Jerusalemite family, led by a religious Jew, the founder of Shaare Tsedek Hospital, the well-known Dr. Moshe Wallach.

Yochay Rosenberg

Jerusalem SOS

Fadi is a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem, while Hezi is a Haredi Jew who resides in Mea Shearim. Both Fadi and Hezi are volunteers in “United Hatzalah” – a Haredi Jewish organization that provides emergency medical services. Fadi and Hezi traverse Jerusalem, between East and West, providing first aid at all hours to the city’s residents, yet the two never meet one another.

Keren Ghitis

Happy Families

Nidal Abudiab returns to Silwan after twenty years where he examines the daily life of his family that remained. Through Amina (aged 15) and other relatives, the story of the entire family is laid out. The home of Amina’s grandmother was demolished, and the “City of David National Park” has been built. Now Amina’s home is in danger of being demolished, while young Amina struggles with her fears and tries to live a normal life.

Nidal Abudiab