Tours of East Jerusalem


Ir Amim leads study tours of Jerusalem to introduce participants to the social, economic and political issues impacting life in the city for its multiple religious, cultural and national groups as well as Jerusalem’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The tour moves through a series of observation points located within Israeli and Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

The major issues in the political reality in Jerusalem

  • Jerusalem as a Political Issue
    Introduction   Since Israel was established in 1948, Jerusalem’s diplomatic and international status has been controversial and unresolved. Neither violence nor proposed solutions – of...
  • Urban Planning
    Introduction  Planning is defined as a series of logical processes, both applied and intellectual, designed to achieve a predetermined result.  City planning administers space through a...
  • Settlements and National Parks
      Introduction Israeli construction in East Jerusalem began as soon as the area was annexed in 1967. Large Jewish neighborhoods/settlements were built: French Hill, Giloh, East Talpiot,...
  • The Separation Barrier
    Introduction The government of Israel under prime minister Ariel Sharon decided to build a "security barrier" in 2002, in the midst of a dire security situation. The failure of the Camp...

Special Projects

Interactive guide to geopolitical issues in Jerusalem, showing the changes that have occurred on the ground since the Clinton proposal was raised.

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