Jerusalem Moments Project

Ir Amim’s Jerusalem Moments Film Project, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Cinematheque, started in 2007. Jerusalem Moments is a compilation of short films about life in Jerusalem through the lens of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Its goal was to evoke public debate about the future of the city. The young directors who participated in the project, all Israeli and Palestinian Jerusalemites, confronted the core issues affecting life in Jerusalem today, both east and west, through their own personal and political perspectives. The films were screened annually in the Jerusalem Film Festival and elsewhere, both in Israel and internationally.  
Selected Short Films

This is a true story of an unusual encounter between Ilanit Satika and Ahmad Dabash. Both victims of the housing regulations in Jerusalem. Ahmad met Ilanit, a single mother, on the day she and her four children were evicted from their home after she failed to meet her mortgage payments. Ahmad, who happened to be passing by, invited Ilanit to stay in his home in Sur Baher. Over his house looms the threat of demolition, as Ahmad was forced to build his home without a building permit, in order to provide a roof over his family's head. The movie presents the connection that developed between two second-class citizens, through a personal encounter that crossed barriers, removed fences and changed stereotypes.

Directed: Marwah Jabara Tibi


Bus Station 

Two religious women, Ruba and Miriam, have each finished their shopping at the market. They sit at the same bus stop and wait. A random encounter between the two, who, at a glance, could not be more similar, becomes an impossible dialogue taking place in a city as complex as Jerusalem.

Directed: Lily Sheffy


Children's Story 

This film depicts the journey of three young Palestinian brothers who travel everyday from their home in the outskirts of Jerusalem to the Jewish neighborhoods where they sell chewing gum at busy intersections in order to support their family. The children assume the role of the adults in their family, who find it difficult to make a living following the construction of the separation wall.

Directed: Daniel Gal