Playgrounds in East Jerusalem Far and Few Between

Last week the government approved a plan to reduce social disparities in the Arab sector in the amount of NIS 10 million. While this is, of course, a welcome decision, it is also an opportunity to spotlight disparities between Jewish and Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. Let’s take a look at the playground situation:
The number of playgrounds per capita in East Jerusalem is one percent of the national standard. In northern Jerusalem, the roughly 60,000 residents of the Shuafat and Beit Hanina neighborhoods have exactly two options of places to take their children to play, whereas the neighboring Jewish neighborhoods have several dozen times as many playgrounds.
A petition filed by Atty. Yossi Havilio on behalf of the residents of Shuafat and Beit Hanina six months ago indicated that Ramot, which has a population of 48,000, has 35 playgrounds. Ramat Shlomo, a neighborhood of 17,000 residents, has 28 playgrounds, while Pisgat Ze’ev, which numbers 44,000 residents – has 56 playgrounds.
For more details on disparities in the Jerusalem Municipality’s investment in East and West Jerusalem, see: