Mizraha Mikan Conference

This conference, held on January 22, 2015, served as a lightning rod for convening West Jerusalem based leaders, activists and social organizations to discuss the role of civil society in addressing the political reality in East Jerusalem.  Roundtables, panels and presentations ranged from Israeli-Palestinian civil initiatives, education as an instrument for change, dynamics of seamline neighborhoods, and how to influence municipal policy making.
The conference marked the forging of a vital partnership between Ir Amim and key civil society organizations in Jerusalem, including Ruach Hadasha, Hatnua Hayerushalmit and the Jerusalem Secular Yeshiva. The forum has since provided an activation point for increasing participation in Ir Amim’s courses on East Jerusalem, designed to help West Jerusalem activists understand the political and socio-economic forces shaping East Jerusalem, its role in the Conflict and how activists can better integrate East Jerusalem in their social change and advocacy efforts.
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