Ir Amim Outreach: Two New Courses, Three Seminars and International Workshop

Ir Amim forged exciting new partnerships in its public outreach work this year, conducting two courses with new audiences that seldom engaged with East Jerusalem issues before. In May-June, a course was held with young ultra-Orthodox social activists, and in November a new course began with students of Middle Eastern studies at the Shalem Center. The courses have met with a high level of interest, and afforded participants new insights on the complex reality faced by Jewish and Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.
Ir Amim assembled a core group of young West Jerusalem civil society leaders, activists, professionals from a broad political spectrum, which traveled in November to take part in an international workshop in Seville, Spain with a parallel East Jerusalemite group of civil society leaders. The objective of the workshop was to generate new ideas and creative thinking about peacebuilding approaches to the management of Jerusalem in its current status as a contested city, and in its future potential role as the capital of two nations under a negotiated settlement to the Conflict. In advance of the international workshop, three seminars on envisioning the future of the city were held with the West Jerusalem young leaders.

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