Putting an End to Police Brutality in Issawiya: Protest at the Russian Compound!

For almost half a year, the residents of Issawiya have endured daily violence at the hands of the Israeli Police. Large forces of Israel Border Police (Magav) and Special Patrol Unit Police (Yassam) patrol the neighborhood day and night, in an organized, systematic campaign to turn Issawiya into a warzone. In the streets, schools, and stores, the residents, including large numbers of children, are exposed to intense violence, sound grenades, teargas, roadblocks, and hundreds of arbitrary arrests, the vast majority of which end without indictment. Even in their homes, residents are not safe from violent nightly raids.

Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Leon, who has witnessed our demonstrations for the past three weeks, continues to enable and support police activity in Issawiya with his words. This weekend, while Leon is busy engaging in PR overseas, we will bring our demands to those directly responsible for the violence in Issawiya--the Jerusalem District of the Israeli Police and its sheriff, Doron Yedid.

This Saturday night, in front of the police station in the Russian Compound, we will demand an immediate end to the violent abuse and collective punishment perpetrated by the Israeli Police, and we will demand accountability from Sheriff Doron Yedid. Together, as large movements and individual activists from across the country, we will sound out a loud, unwavering voice in solidarity with the people of Issawiya, demanding an end to the police brutality and repression in East Jerusalem that must no longer be allowed to continue.

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