Solidarity Visit to Issawiya

Together let’s stand in solidarity and get to know Issawiyeh up close. A neighborhood of 20,000 residents in eastern Jerusalem that has suffered from horrific police suppression and brutality for over half a year. Come hear about the violent reality that the police has created as well as how to take part in protest efforts with the broad coalition fighting to end this reality once and for all and make life in Issawiyeh normal again.

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We will meet on Friday 10.1 at 12:45 at the gas station at Issawiyeh’s entrance near French Hill (HaGivah HaTsarfatit). There we’ll meet neighborhood representatives who will take us on a tour and tell us about the last few months in Issawiyeh. From there, we’ll walk together into Issawiyeh and see the neighborhood up close and the consequences of violence and oppression in daily life. We will stand with the residents in their protest.

This tour is an opportunity to get to know the oppressive reality in Issawiyeh up close and to express our solidarity and support with the people of Issawiyeh as well as our opposition with the police’s actions against Issawiyeh and the violent policies behind them.

It’s already been many months that the residents of Issawiyeh are dealing with this aggressive invasion from the Israeli Police, Border Police (Magav), and Riot Police (Yasam) who wander the neighborhood everyday at all hours. The residents, many of them children, are exposed to harsh violence including stun grenades, tear gas, blocked-off roads, and hundreds of arbitrary arrests that almost all end without indictment.

This struggle is all of our’s: everyone who is against the reality of the occupation and who wants to live in a just city where all of its residents feel safe and where the police work to protect all people and not to abuse them; and everyone who wants to get to know and take part in a broad coalition of solidarity based in what’s been happening the last few months in Issawiyeh. Everyone is invited to come with us to Issawiyeh on Friday to hear from residents about the reality of their lives and to learn more about this vital struggle.

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