Court Removes Freeze on Givat Hamatos Tender while 6 New Tenders Published for Pisgat Zeev and Har Homa

19 January 2021
Removal of Freeze on Givat Hamatos Tender 
In an unexpected move, today, the Jerusalem District Court unfortunately rescinded the freeze on the Givat Hamatos tender process. The temporary injunction (or restraining order), which Ir Amim succeeded in obtaining on Friday, January 15, froze the process until the court made a decision on Ir Amim’s request for an interim injunction. The interim injunction would have suspended the process until a court decision is made on the petition. 
The denial of the interim injunction request was not based on the merits of the underlying petition, but rather due to the fact that, according to the judge, the discriminatory conditions in the government housing scheme can be amended at a later stage and should have no bearing on the tender bidding process.  
A hearing on the actual petition has been scheduled for May 27, and the state is required to submit a response one month prior.  
In terms of the tender process, the period for the submission of bids closed as planned on January 18. With the lifting of the freeze, the process can now move forward. The state can begin reviewing the submitted bids and once a winner (s) is declared, the state has 90 days to sign a contract with the respective contractor (s). 
Publication of Six New Tenders for Pisgat Zeev and Har Homa 
In tandem, the Israel Land Authority published yesterday six new tenders for construction in Pisgat Zeev and Har Homa. The opening of the bidding period for the tenders is slated for the second half of February.   

Pisgat Zeev: 

  • 1 tender for 210 housing units (TPS 33048) within the existing built-up area 
  • 1 tender for an old age home with 250 housing units (TPS 317149) located on the western edge of Pisgat Zeev towards Beit Hanina 
Har Homa 
  • 1 tender for a public building (TPS 12552) on the western side of Har Homa towards Har Homa E 
  • 1 tender for another public building (TPS 7509) in an existing built up area 
  • 1 tender for commercial and office space (TPS 12825 and TPS 7509) in an existing built up area 
  • 1 tender for commercial and office space (TPS 10310) in an existing built up area 
With only 24 hours left until Biden enters office, it is evident that the Israeli authorities are attempting to accelerate as many projects over the Green Line in East Jerusalem as possible.   

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