Homa Homa E Update: District Planning Committee Discussion Moves to Earlier Date

14 April 2021
The District Planning Committee's planned discussion of objections on the Har Homa E plan for 540 housing units has been moved to April 20 at 12:00. The discussion was originally slated for April 21. Although one of the individuals who filed an objection to the plan is not available on the new date, the District Committee refused to reschedule. It should be noted that this move is uncharacteristic and underscores the acute pressure on the authorities to approve the plan.

In tandem, an additional discussion on the plan at the District Planning Committee has just been scheduled for April 27. This has been defined as an internal discussion whereby only committee members can take part. A final decision on the plan will take place at the internal discussion on April 27, where the committee is expected to approve the plan. While the convening of two separate sessions does seldom take place, the scheduling of the second discussion so rapidly is unordinary and again indicates the immense pressure to expedite approval of the plan.