Falling between the Cracks: Education Report 2015

The Supreme Court ruled in February 2011 that the tremendous shortage of classrooms in the official school system in East Jerusalem constitutes a violation of the constitutional right to education for the children of East Jerusalem. The Court demanded that the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Education establish the necessary infrastructure within five years, by 2016, to absorb all children in East Jerusalem whose families elect to enroll them in the official school system. The Court also ruled that in order to realize the Compulsory Education Law, the state must underwrite the tuition of any student who is unable to secure a spot in the official education system and who is consequently forced to enroll in one of the recognized but unofficial schools operating in East Jerusalem. 
This education report focuses on the shortage of classrooms and the pace of classroom construction in East Jerusalem, and describes the severe discrimination in dropout prevention resources targeted to Palestinian students in Jerusalem – a phenomenon naturally exacerbated by the shortage of classrooms.
  • Total shortage of classrooms in East Jerusalem for Palestinian students: 2,247
  • As of September 2012, the dropout rate in East Jerusalem was 13 percent of the total number of students, compared to 2.6 percent in general post-elementary education in Israel as a whole, 4.6 percent in Arab post-elementary education in Israel, and one percent in West Jerusalem.
  • In general education in Jerusalem, 21 regular dropout prevention progra...read more