Jerusalem: Present Home and Future Capital of Two Peoples

Against the backdrop of growing tensions in Jerusalem, the objective of this paper is to present an outline for how to de-escalate the violence and implement a policy for managing the city that is informed by hope rather than anxiety. The paper presents guidelines for action in the current situation, based on the following premises: Jerusalem is the present home and future capital of two peoples; a diplomatic agreement on the city is currently remote; unilateral steps play into the hands of those who oppose an agreed upon solution; in the current reality, policies must be adopted to improve the quality of life and personal security of all residents of the city. A response is also offered to recent proposals for unilateral separation of Palestinian neighborhoods from Jerusalem.
The following steps are proposed:
  • The existence of East Jerusalem as an organic territorial, demographic, and communal entity connected to the Historic Basin must be ensured.
  • The civil status of the residents of East Jerusalem must be determined through negotiations. Until then, it must be established that the permanent residency status of Palestinians living in Jerusalem cannot be revoked.
  • An emergency plan comparable to a local Marshall Plan should be introduced for comprehensive systemic and remedial improvements in every aspect of life in East Jerusalem.
  • The quality of life in West Jerusalem must also be more