Renewed Attempt to Promote Mount Scopus Slopes National Park Plan

The following alert has been jointly issued by Ir Amim and Bimkom.

On Tuesday, March 1, the Jerusalem District Planning Committee is scheduled to discuss the dormant Mount Scopus Slopes National Park plan (TPS 11092a) initiated by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) with the support of the Jerusalem Municipality. This plan proposed to designate the open space between the Palestinian neighborhoods of al-Isawiyyah and A-Tur as a National Park, which would extend eastward from the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus towards the E1 corridor (see map below).

The National Park plan was initiated over a decade ago, however, essentially frozen since 2014. From the outset, the plan was intended to block any expansion of the adjacent Palestinian neighborhoods who already suffer from acute housing shortages, overcrowding and an ongoing planning stranglehold. In addition to its severe implications on Palestinian housing and development rights, this National Park would enable Israel to create further territorial contiguity between Jerusalem and the E1/Maaleh Adumim area, while increasing fragmentation of the Palestinian space. Together, these measures further erode conditions for any agreed political resolution more

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