2022 in Review: Israel's Policy in East Jerusalem - Annual Report



Among the most concerning developments throughout 2022 were uncovering the implementation of land settlement of title procedures. The settlement of title process was incorporated into the 2018 “Government Decision 3790 - For Socioeconomic Investment in East Jerusalem”, and was perceived with great suspicion by residents and activists in East Jerusalem from the outset. Additional revelations exposed by Ir Amim throughout the year indicate a clear trend through which Israel utilizes the settlement of title procedure as a tool for seizing Palestinian property in East Jerusalem by extensive application of the Absentee Property Law. 


Throughout the tenure of the ostensibly more liberal-minded ‘Government of Change’, there was a significant escalation in the promotion of settlements in and around Jerusalem, while home demolitions and displacement operations were carried out in East Jerusalem on a large scale. Four communities in East Jerusalem stand at risk of displacement via either eviction or mass demolition. Severe planning discrimination continues its housing stranglehold on East Jerusalem, while the proposal of a new procedure by the Ministry of Justice will make the provision of construction permits to Palestinians – already difficult to receive - nearly impossible. Furthermore, at the behest of extremist right-wing entities, there has been a considerable increase in seizure of Palestinian property through the Custodian of Absentee Properties’ activity in East Jerusalem. 


There has also been further significant intensification in the erosion of the status quo on the Temple Mount/Haram a-Sharif. 
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